We are a company founded more than 20 years ago with a focus on the world of prints and graphic arts.
Books, self-mailers, utilities and commercial forms with variable data, calendars and scratch cards were the first products we have started to produce, still today, represent the “core business” of our production.

The evolution of the market and the advent of digitalization has led us to expand our competences with the ambition to aiming towards infinity.
We have developed a graphic department, a promotional business unit and an area dedicated to digital marketing activities (Email Marketing, e-commerce, CRM and digital innovation).

We can offer our customers a range of solutions from paper to digital through the creation of graphics and contents.


Enthusiasm, ambition and vision are aspects that characterize every our work and projects.
We represent a company with a glorious past and an ambitious future with 4 different but complementary commercial areas (printing, graphics, business development and promotional) that come into contact and integrate perfectly with each other, creating an added value that individually would never have been able to produce.

So let’s think about the advantage of having a single supplier or rather, as we like to define ourselves, a unique partner who follows you in all phases of your business project: from content creation to the development and sending of campaigns, both through offline and online channels, ultimately sharing results, redemptions and KPIs.
We are a single point of contact that eliminates stress, optimizes time and improves the workflow.

Depending on your needs, you can decide to contact us to use even just one of our 4 commercial areas.
The advantages are many but the supplier is one and it is called Fiordo, it is no coincidence that our pay off is Infinity Solutions.

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