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Fiordo: a real PROBLEM SOLVER

Products are often the "manifesto" of a company; the customer, through a catalog, receives an image of the company profile.
FIORDO has always considered limiting stop at the present: this is why the list available here has only an indicative function and guidance to direct and confirm the basic choices, without stopping to mere anagraphic list.
So if you are not able to find a specific product, please apologize us for the omission, but we want to reassure you: please, refer to contacts section. One of our men will be available to help you to develop a dedicated product with the desired specifications, without any increase in costs, but with the pleasure of having found a solution together.
Good products and completeness of service confirm FIORDO like a real PROBLEM SOLVER


Full service, quality and innovation

A reliable partner to solve all communication problems.

We could say that FIORDO is not a common Supplier due to the attention payed to the package of services offered to the customer.
Understanding the demands, requests, procedures and translate them into simple and convenient solutions, ensuring the management of the global path: this is the goal of the mission.
You will find here men prepared to receive and develop your files, advanced technologies to produce in a short time, with the highest quality.
When the product is ready, personalized and individualized, here are the next steps of packing, posting, monitoring and feedback.


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Fiordo S.r.l.

    Legal headquarters and graphic plant:
    Via Guzzafame n. 35/37 - 28068 Romentino NO
    tel 0321 86 50 09 - Fax 0321 80 92 80

    R.E.A. - NO - 190653
    Registro Imprese di Novara n. 8726/1998
    P.IVA e C.F. 01660660034
    Capitale sociale € 90.000 i.v.

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